Getting started

Hyperion is a parallelized 3-d dust continuum radiative transfer code. The code is described in Robitaille (2011). Its main features include:

The current stable version of Hyperion is 0.9.7 - download from PyPI

The documentation and installation instructions are located at

Note: If you decide to use the code, you should sign up to the mailing list in order to be informed when new versions are available:

If your work makes use of Hyperion, please cite the following publication: Robitaille, 2011, HYPERION: an open-source parallelized three-dimensional dust continuum radiative transfer code, Astronomy & Astrophysics 536 A79 - ADS - BibTeX

Reporting issues

If you encounter any issues with the code, or have requests for new features, please open a new ticket on the GitHub issue tracker. You can also send any questions/issues to

Please try and resolve installation issues with your system administrator, as they are likely due to issues with dependencies - however, if you think you have encountered a genuine issue in the installation, please do report it.


In addition to reporting issues with the code or the documentation, code and documentation contributions/patches are welcome. Please read the following page for more details on how to contribute code.